It has been an unbelievably busy time so far this year for Martin and myself, with the recording and promotion of my new album, The Mighty Small (more about that soon!) as well as the gigging, and the promotion of our Social Media sites such as the new You Tube Channel. So it was nice to be able to take some time off recently to attend the annual Panic Awards at the Civic Theatre. I was really honoured to be nominated this year as Best Solo Performer and even more elated to actually win it! It means so much to know that so many people took the time and effort to register a vote for me. My Manager Martin and I have been working very hard on producing the new album, and promoting it around the Industry, but it is really heartening to know that we have so much support locally. So thank you all so very much.Panic Award Winner

The event itself continues to grow every year, and I think that this years show was the best yet. Huge thanks from all of us Artists go to the Panic Awards team, headed by the amazing Mr Andy Poole who runs the night so professionally and with his trademark humour! Thanks also to Christian Kay for his incredible video work, and to Adam Barker, Lewis Llewellyn and Andy Lapham.

Midnight Barbers


I enjoyed all of the live music on the night – it makes you appreciate what a wonderfully diverse and talented music scene we have in Chelmsford. So huge congrats to all the nominees – The Kubricks, Little Donkey, Vixation, Creme De Chevre, Osmium Guillotine, Fuze and Machine Gun Men. But a special  Congratulations to the winners of Best Band, THE MIDNIGHT BARBERS, who I thought were awesome! I look forward to seeing them again,  and  sharing a stage.