And Why Is It So Different?

Looping is a process that began in the dance music genre. Using short pre-recorded samples mixed together to create multiple harmonies, melodies and beats put into the context of a composition or track.

This form of looping uses computers or computer based parts, sequenced together automatically. This helps to keep the track in time and in tune.

Live looping is the process of creating tracks using real instruments in real time, recorded live on stage. The process is edgy and sonically dangerous which is what makes it so visually and musically exciting! One mistake isn’t just played out its on a loop perhaps a very short one, playing over and over again!

What Is Live LoopingSo how is the set up different?

When done correctly it creates an engrossing response from an audience, coupled with great song writing and theatrical performance it becomes euphoric! Audience’s leave not just blown away by the performance but with the songs firmly fixed in their heads for days.

Using two mixing desks, I separate the vocals and the instruments. This allows me to keep a certain amount of clarity when it comes down to equalisation of the sounds. As is produce a number of vocal harmonies from low bass to falsetto running the vocal microphones to a mixing desk prior to the loop pedal I can add any number of microphones and any number of vocal effects before they are recorded live into the pedal. This gives me more even creative control and also allows me to pan the vocals and create huge choral arrangements.

On the other mixing desk I put all my instruments the same applies I can mix the instruments before the recording process, which helps to produce a more balanced sound. I can add any number of instruments to the mixer then onto the loop pedal again giving me more creative control and a better balanced sound than running directly to the loop pedal itself.